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Drug rehab is never a topic that you want to research. If you're at the point where you are looking for a drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, you are also at the point where it's probably impossible to go another month without one. Addiction is progressive. It will only get worse over time so it is best to take action as soon as possible to avoid the prolonged effects upon the physical body. Many people don't realize the profound effects of drugs on the body's brain chemistry and central nervous system.

Certain drugs over time impair the body's ability to function without the drug. Drugs like opiates, for example, swell the brain's opiate receptors and damage the body's internal capacity to self-medicate and regulate pain. Individuals who have an addiction to heroin, oxycodone, or painkillers will find it difficult to experience life without the drugs for some time post-addiction because even post-detoxification it will take some time to have the pain receptors shrink to a normal size. During that time a knock to the elbow or even an emotional trauma will cause the addict to experience levels of distress they certainly never did on opiates but also worse than before they took drugs to begin with.

This is why it is so important to find a drug rehab center that can quickly intervene in the addict's life and help them begin the process that will lead to healing. The quicker their body is able to drug detox, the quicker the body is to restore itself.

Detoxification Process

The detoxification process is the most physically challenging aspect to drug rehab because the body has had time to become physically dependent upon the drug and therefore as it withdraws from the usage of that drug it will "fight back", creating great discomfort for the addict. Because withdrawal is dangerous as well as uncomfortable, rehabs have a fully board certified medical staff on hand to provide emergency medical intervention as necessary.

Staff at Drug Rehab Phoenix AZ has had multiple years of experience with drug detoxification and understand how to make individuals going through it feel safe and comfortable. Once the addict is asymptomatic of drug dependency he or she may still require a period where the body rests so that it can recuperate from the physical effects of drugs. When ready the assessment team will promote the individual into healing therapies and relapse prevention programs.

Phoenix Drug Rehab Therapy

Drug rehab's toughest job is not detoxification. Bodies heal easier than the mind. No, the toughest job at a rehab center in Phoenix is figuring out why the individual was drawn into addiction and how to treat them based upon those inclinations or reasons. Licensed therapists delve into cognitive and behavioral therapies to treat the patient, as well as, group counseling and peer support. They also believe in holistic treatment and therefore while the patient is advancing through psychological and social programs, he or she will be involved in nutrition classes, sports, arts, and yoga.

The progression through treatment also includes relapse prevention, where the patient begins to learn new habits to replace the old, as well as, how to avoid the pitfalls of relapse. He or she will learn their triggers, which situations to avoid, who to fall back on should he or she experience cravings, as well as, what to do if he or she succumbs.

The ultimate goal at drug rehab is to prepare the addict to go home. The addict's progress is entirely their own and is free to leave at any time. They want to help people self-heal. Drug rehabs in Phoenix AZ are neither a jail nor a crutch. If you cannot live independently they haven't done their job. They want to help you live a life free of drugs and alcohol and have the best methods to do it.

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