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Medicine for Pain and Addiction

One of the largest epidemics today is the addiction to medications for pain. These types of medications are narcotics and can become highly addictive. People sometimes only recognize drug abuse problems as someone who is using street drugs. The drug addicts will try to justify their using in many different ways, and it is easier to rationalize your using when it is a drug that is prescribed by a doctor. There are many origins as to how someone can become addicted to a drug such as pain medications. Most addicts will begin using these drugs abusively after they have been prescribed for a severe injury or illness. This is when the addiction kicks in. Those who may have been abusing alcohol or illegal drugs previously believe by switching their substance of choice they have somehow lessened their addiction. Sometimes in addiction, the person will switch to these types of drugs because they are easier to hide from the world and give the perception that they are okay. Eventually, their life becomes unmanageable.

The most common type of abused medications are opiates. These medications include drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, morphine and hydrocodone. While these medications can be extremely beneficial for people who need help managing pain, they can be potentially fatal when they are abused. This type of addiction can also lead into harder drugs such as heroin after the addict begins purchasing pills illegally and realizes how expensive they are. Heroin is another type of opiate that can be far more addictive and dangerous. Although the addict may have said they would never switch to such a hard drug, the disease of addiction has a strong mental obsession and physical craving that can put them in situations they swore they would never be in.

Drug treatment centers have found that most addictions are but a symptom of other mental illnesses or disorders, and clients turned to using drugs as a way to cope with the struggles that happen in everyday life. The goal is to help clients build a strong foundation through substance abuse rehabilitation in order to learn how to deal with these situations in a healthy way without the use of substances.

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