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Dangers of Drug Abuse

Most people have a fundamental knowledge from a young age that drug abuse and misuse can be potentially dangerous and turn into a drug addiction. This common knowledge can leave the loved ones of an addict extremely confused as to how this happened when the consequences of drug abuse are so clear. The mystery about heroin addiction is how the individual was even lead to the drug in the first place. Heroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous substances that one can become addicted to, and it is typically not the first drug that the person has turned to. There are many roads that lead to a heroin addiction, and everyone has a unique experience with how it happened.

A common situation that leads a person to heroin is that they are first battling an addiction to pain reliever medication. Most prescribed pain medications are opiates and are highly addictive when they are taken by someone who suffers from addiction. Rather than the pill simply blocking their pain receptors, as it does for most of the population, they get a high from taking the medicine that ignites a craving for more. When someone's drug of abuse is prescription medications, it can quickly become an unmanageable situation where the pills are no longer potent enough or they are unable to get more when they feel that they need them.

Now that the addict has run out of conventional ways of getting more pain medications to feed their addiction, they will often turn to purchasing the pills illegally. These pills can be very expensive, but heroin is the cheaper alternative. Although the person may know that their addiction has now gone to an extreme level, the mental obsession is far too strong for them to make the rational decision not to take this route. Addiction to heroin quickly builds up a dependence from the body for the drug, and the withdrawal symptoms from the absence of the substance can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Treatment centers in Phoenix are there to help clients with the detoxification process by using the latest in addiction medicine to make this a safe and comfortable experience. Recovery from drug addiction is possible.

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