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Substance abuse can take a deadly toll on the body and it doesn't require years of use for this to happen. Some drugs such as Methamphetamine can quickly change the brain's functioning and critically impair a user of the drug. When an individual has engaged in substance abuse over a period of time he or she loses the ability to think clearly in favor of their own health and well-being. The brain now subconsciously works to placate itself by inducing the user to engage in the use of that substance. This is why it is so important that the loved ones of the substance abuser become proactive in their efforts to have the addict seek treatment.

There used to be a prevalent theory that addiction treatment only works when the addict chooses to be there, but this has since proven to be false. The more understanding we have of how the brain works we understand that until an individual has gone through some level of detoxification they are not able to think clearly enough about their own health, at times, to make a rational decision in favor of personal recovery. Some people will find that once the withdrawal period and detoxification is over, they are able to find their own reasons for engaging in treatment.

What is detoxification?

Drug detoxification is the process of breaking the body's chemical dependency upon a drug through cessation and (at times) medical intervention. The body will undergo an uncomfortable period as it "looks" for the drug, and then begins to purge the remaining chemicals through rapid "use". This causes flu-like symptoms in many, and even violent convulsions and seizures for those who have sustained use of drugs affecting the central nervous system. This is why we always recommend inpatient medical oversight for the withdrawal period. Once the addict's body has purged itself of the remaining chemicals a period of rest and nutritional supplementation is required to help the body reset itself.

Substance Abuse Therapy

Those who have engaged in substance abuse in the past has within them the mechanism to engage in this behavior in the future. There is no "cure" for the disease of addiction. Addiction is a chronic disorder and is generally thought to be caused by genetics, environmental conditions, and events. With many they began taking a substance to self-medicate an already existing condition such as Bipolar Disorder or Depression.

The Phoenix substance abuse drug rehab centers perform a complete assessment on all individuals coming into the program to identify the causes of their alcoholism or drug addiction. By understanding the root causes the addict and his team are better able to treat the addiction directly. For some this may include appropriate medical intervention in the case of those diagnosed with Depression or a more holistic approach for those who have a more mild condition causing the addiction.

The goal of all treatment facilities is relapse prevention. They want to ensure that the addict is able to leave the facility and operate as if they were still within the facility's walls. Their goal is to provide a relapse prevention tool set that will keep the addict within a bubble of safety as he or she becomes physically and mentally stronger. There is no 100% cure and if an addict relapses centers want them to have a support group that will help them pick back up and keep going down the right path and for this reason they have outpatient group and individual programs ready and available to help you when you need it most.

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