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The proximity of Phoenix to the southern border has created a problem for many residents with the abuse of hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin, as well as, also having to deal with the rise of drugs like Molly (pure MDMA) and methamphetamines. Most hard drugs require the body to break the ties of chemical dependency before any realistic treatment program can begin. Chemical dependency for most drugs occurs after prolonged use but certain classification of opiates of methamphetamines produce dependency relatively quickly. It feels to the addict that a switch was made overnight, when he or she went from using the drug purely to achieve euphoria to using it to avoid feeling sick.

Drugs that effect the central nervous system, drugs like alcohol or benzodiazepines, can be quite dangerous to withdraw from, causing breathing difficulties, seizures, and in extreme cases arrest. Delirium tremens (DTs) occur in a minority of patients but can still be quite deadly. Even in a hospital environment DTs have been responsible for patient death. The necessity of medical intervention or oversight through the withdrawal process cannot be underestimated. Having a staff of addiction specialists at drug detox centers in Phoenix AZ that know what symptoms to watch for can be the difference between life and death. And though that it a frightening thought, that withdrawal can kill, so can drug overdose and drug overdose kills with greater regularity and efficiency than withdrawing from that same drug.

The Drug Detox Process

Phoenix drug detox centers perform an intake assessment on every individual who walks into the facility so that they can better understand the length and type of drug dependency, as well as, the patient's overall physical health. When the patient has been admitted into the program he or she will be made aware of what to expect from withdrawal, as well as, what remedies the staff has available that can assist with the process.

The facility has a "Serenity Center" that supports transition off drugs with soothing music, binaural beats, and serene images to help make the process more relaxing and hopeful for the patient. Many patients experience depression when withdrawing so the use of positive images and sounds has been proven to help keep the patient focused and engaged through the detoxification period. As the patient transitions and his or her body resets itself the patient will experience flu like symptoms such as hot or cold spells, chills, nausea, anxiety, and sleeplessness. The medical staff will use appropriate intervention methods both holistic and medical to help the patient undergo this experience without too much discomfort. The goal of this process is not only to detoxify the body of drugs, but to prepare the body to heal and that requires relaxation and sleep.

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Rehabs understand the life of an addict quite well. They know that sometimes there is only a fraction of a moment that he or she has the will to say, "help". That's why we want to be there for you when that moment arises. Reaching out for help and understanding should never be met with closed doors or a phone that never answers. If you are struggling with chemical dependency to a substance, don't wait.

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