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Dual Diagnosis

Drug addiction can start off as innocent curiosity at a young age or looking for the right group to fit in with. Sometimes all of the drug prevention methods provided by both parents and schools are not enough from keeping their child from trying drugs or alcohol. One factor that also puts these children at risk is their inability to recognize or properly communicate their feelings to someone else, and this can make them feel alone, confused and different than their peers. They may find drug use and abuse is a quick solution to their problem. Sometimes peer pressure is also a huge factor when growing up where turning down drugs is abnormal, and no child wants to feel that way. They may feel as though drug use is the only way to fit in. We see stories in the news where teenagers are offered the new drug that their peers are using and try it for the first time, but it can have adverse effects on specific people. When you're seeking a way to stop feeling the way you have been and drugs begin to take their course on the body, it is an immediate remedy which can spark a compulsive obsession with getting and using more.

Drug addiction is often just a symptom of other issues that a person is dealing with, and through rehabilitation and recovery rehabs can help these suffering addicts discover if they might have a dual diagnosis. When someone is in addiction their brain chemistry changes and this can magnify or create new mental illnesses and disorders. Addicts can show an increase in signs of depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder when they are using. Sometimes these symptoms clear up when the body goes through drug detoxification, but sometimes they don't. There may be mental illnesses that need to be addressed once the individual is detoxed and they may be the source of what triggered the addiction in the first place. Learning about clients helps find out if they may need additional treatment for their other issues outside of addiction. Medical science has created non-narcotic medications that help with disorders like anxiety and depression, but do not run the risk of the person becoming addicted to them. If you'd like more information on recovery from addiction, please call Phoenix Drug Rehab AZ today at (877) 804-1531.

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