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Addiction treatment in Phoenix, Arizona has multiple treatment options available for those who have a substance abuse issue. Some addiction treatment facilities cater to a specific drug addiction such as alcohol addiction treatment or opiate addiction treatment, while still others are moving away from that approach for a holistic multi-modal model of treatment. Whichever model or method of treatment works for the addiction or that the addict feels comfortable pursuing will ultimately be the best model. Addiction treatment is only successful when both body and mind are healed and that requires the full acceptance of the treatment methodology.

Types of Addiction Treatment in Phoenix

Phoenix addiction treatment centers range from inpatient to outpatient and partial hospitalization. The type of program is utterly dependent upon the drug, the length of the addiction, and the reason for the addiction. Most people find it difficult to maintain sobriety without an inpatient treatment program. There are multiple reasons why an inpatient addiction treatment program fulfills whatever recovery needs the patient has, but likely it is a culmination of all of those reasons. For the duration of an addicts stay in an inpatient program he or she is detoxifying from the drug, rebuilding their physical health through appropriate exercise, nutritious cuisine, relaxation, as well as, multiple individual and group therapies. Having a whole body, holistic approach to drug addiction treatment is beneficial in so many ways to the addict. It is difficult to maintain a consistent outlook, a consistent mood, or the focus that intense therapy requires when the physical body is still ailing. Outpatient programs, while certainly better than no assistance are unfortunately unable to create the physical wellness in the addict that he or she requires for best results at recovery. However, if the individual cannot afford an inpatient program, then a partial hospitalization program would be advantageous to consider. Partial hospitalization can include overnight medical detoxification from the drug and physical monitoring post-exit so that he or she is forced to be evaluated health-wise throughout therapy.

Therapy and Relapse Prevention

Therapy and learning about oneself is the key to an addict's successful relapse prevention program. Understanding what makes him or her take a drug or abuse a drug is vital to finding recovery solutions for his or her life. It is important to understand if there are underlying or comorbid disorders, if the addict had an abusive childhood, if he or she is sick, or even if the addiction is a result of an injury. Many factors play into addiction and all of them must be taken into consideration by both the patient and his counselor as they work together to create a treatment and relapse prevention program that works.

The goal of addiction treatment in Phoenix AZ is to prepare the addict for a life of sobriety. They want them to leave the doors with the ability to live without drugs, with good choices, and the ability to pick himself or herself back up if a relapse does occur. To this end we provide peer counseling and support structures, as well as, access to staff even after you leave the facility. Your success is their success and this cannot happen without world class medical care, advanced addiction treatment therapies, trust, active participation, and continuous support. If you are looking for addiction treatment programs, it is important to call multiple facilities and talk about you or your loved ones specific needs and concerns. The goal is healing and to that end direct your efforts into finding the facility that can help provide that. Learn more now. Call Phoenix Drug Rehab AZ at (877) 804-1531.

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