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Relapse Prevention

Addiction is a serious disease that there is no known cure for, but there is hope for recovery and freedom from the physical and emotional challenges that it causes. At Phoenix drug treatment centers they understand that there is much emotional pain that is endured when someone can't seem to stay sober. This disease is cunning and baffling, which makes it difficult for anyone to recover from on their own without the proper recovery tools.

There are many individuals who were once in a seemingly hopeless state who are now living a life in recovery from addiction that they never would have imagined. Through addiction treatment clients will learn more about the disease and how to deal with relapse triggers once they leave the facility. They will create a solid foundation of recovery that will give them the confidence to deal with the situations of everyday life without the need to turn to drug abuse.

What is a Halfway House?

A halfway house, also known as a sober living house, is highly recommended for those who are ready to leave addiction centers and begin their lives back in the world. These are homes where a person trying to live a life of sobriety can live comfortably with roommates in the same situation. Not only are no drugs or alcohol permitted in these homes for the safety of its residents, you are able to build strong relationships and bonds with other addicts who are sober as well.

There is a variety of sober living homes that have different guidelines for living in them, but for the most part all of its residents are able to live a normal life during their stay. Residents of these homes are able to come and go to visit family and friends or have a job as well. This is a great way to transition back into the world without going back to the place that you started before beginning recovery from addiction. Addiction is a progressive disease that does not go away, no matter how long a person is able to stay sober, but recovery is possible when they have an honest desire to stay sober. Please call Phoenix Drug Rehab AZ today for more information (877) 804-1531.

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