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Drug and Substance Abuse

Only a small percentage of the world suffers from the disease of addiction, and it is easy to have misconceptions of the situation and be confused about how the person ended up in that situation. Drug abuse and addiction commonly go together, but can be completely different situations. At some point or another in a person's life they will most likely experiment with some type of drug, like marijuana, but most of these individuals are able to walk away from it. There are also those who may abuse drugs periodically, but are able to stop or moderate when it is beginning to interfere with their personal health or other priorities in life.

Drug addicts are unable to maintain any type of willpower when it comes to the moderation of their using when they are affected by this disease. When someone is addicted to drugs they suffer from a mental obsession and physical craving that makes it difficult for them to separate the truth from the false. While they may see that their life has become unmanageable and they are hurting the ones that they love the most, they will continue using drugs at any cost. They will often have bouts with their personal willpower and try to abstain from using, but soon find that they have lost the power of choice in the situation.

Drug addiction can come in many forms aside from the common street drugs that most people think of. Typical street drugs include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and club drugs, but there is a large portion of those who suffer from addiction who have a problem with prescription medications.

Withdrawal symptoms from drugs can be frightening enough to keep someone from attempting to get sober, but staff of addiction specialists are there to help clients through the detoxification process to ensure they are safe and comfortable. Breakthroughs in addiction medicine have been able to help make the intense withdrawal, which addict's typically have to go through, much easier to manage. They aim to show clients a new, better way of life without the use of substances.

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